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Private: Trading Psychological strategy that will lead you to become successful Forex trader


If you are on a losing streak in Forex trading, you must consider this question: Are you engaging to the Forex trade risk aggressively? Forex trading naturally involves high risk, and all trading positions are exposed to failure at any given time. Then, how are people dealing with this uncertainty and become successful Forex trader?

In fact, you are bound to take things seriously when your own money is involved, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are really prepared to lose money.

People jump into trading by expecting to win profit and are not expecting the slightest idea that they might lose money. However, by entering any trading position, you are agreeing to the fact that you are risking all or portion of your investment until you exit the trade. But, are people actually getting into the swamp knowing what they are risking? The answer is absolutely, “NO”. There is a huge psychological difference between ‘taking imitative’ at risk and ‘reluctantly accepting’ the loss. Most people take the latter stance when entering a trade, successful Forex traders take charge with their best analysis of the market knowing and accepting the consequence from the start. That is why the experienced traders can stay focused when the market moves in unfavorable direction.

If you are emotionally unstable and uncomfortable with the consequence of your decision, you have not mastered the art of taking initiative at Forex trading risk. The more you try to avoid the risk, the more you end up in denial of the risk, and since you cannot be safe from the risk, you will be dragged around against your will by the Forex Trade risk.

If you believe in perfect trading and try to improvise in response to every volatile variable movement, what will happen? There is a high chance that you may be overwhelmed by the fact that you cannot take in all the information to yourself. When you are really ready to lose the trade, you can be objective and observe the market’s movement without emotion. Vain hope is what you must pay heed to in Forex Trading. The market is not there to hand out profits to you, and furthermore, the market will not save you from failure. Do not feel disappointed at the nature of the Forex trading and take charge at the market’s risk progressively. If you want to become a successful Forex trader, take the Forex trading risk in these manner and that attitude is what makes a successful FX trader.

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