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Third Trading deciding winning trade and losing trade


All traders have their own dreams and jump into the FX market and they all experience the ruthless FX market. But this is applied not only to the novice but also to the expert. On the other hand, there are traders who are happy to succeed in a transaction.

Each trader has a variety of trading methods. One of the most important factors in determining profit and loss in FX trading is the ‘trading cycle’.

Because each trader deals with different trading methods, one cannot be sure what is the best trading. But what is common is that no matter how many times you trade, the overall profit and loss should be good. So how can the overall profit and loss be good? The way to do this depends on how you do the third trading.

Three principles of successful & unsuccessful trading

Third Trading deciding winning trade and losing trade. Why Third trading decides winning trade and losing trade? Let’s focus on the third trading than the first and second one.

One of the big features of traders who always lose is that they lose everything in one transaction. In other words, if you see profits in the first and second trading, you lose them which you have earned so far in the third trading. This is the key. In other words, one week and two weeks or one month and two months of successful transactions is important in FX market, but the resulting profit of the total transaction is important.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of traders who lose everything in their third trading. This means that the trader re-trade the money he has earned, or is unable to stop the third transaction due to price fluctuations, and thus becomes a victim of large fluctuations in the FX market. So how do we get out of this?

I want you to keep in mind and follow the three principles. It is always important to have a transaction that does not have risks in the third trading than the success of first and second one. In other words, we should concentrate more on avoiding the risk of 3 months than the success of 1 month and 2 months.

In order to do so, you should never invest in profits that you have earned from previous trading. There are many ways to do this, such as withdrawing money or transferring it to a separate account, but never include it in reinvestment. Of course, some can do that. This is because profits will also grow. But you should look at yourself calmly and see if the third trading is very stable. Loss is caused by trading that are not careful due to greed.

If you make a lot of money, you have to choose a more stable way of trading. Always keep in mind that the next trading should be more careful and more stable than the second one, so you can make a steady profit as a successful professional trader. Because the FX trading market is so volatile, traders can lose everything with the wrong trading habits. This is the reason why more than 90% of traders make losses.

If you want to make a steady profit without stopping FX trading after a one to two month of short-term trading, always have the same trading habits. You can make a successful trading in a stable way that protects your assets. Never lose in the third trade after one or two successful trading.

If you are making profits now, take a break before the third trading. Once you have achieved your goals, take your hands off the trade for a moment and analyze the FX Market. If you take enough time before your third transaction, You will see the market more clearly and will be able to make steady and successful transactions.

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