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Is there really a special Forex secrets in Forex Market?


Do you think there is really a special Forex secrets in Forex Market? To tell you the truth, the answer to this article’s title is “No”. Any strategies that claims to be special Forex secrets, are in fact, short-lived coping method that cannot be used throughout the course of market change in longer period. In the world of constantly changing market, special Forex secret does not mean positive way. It may work at certain timeframe, but its effectiveness vanishes in a long run, thus becomes ‘unique’ but not ‘essential’ method.

The so-called “special Forex secrets” in Forex World are no more than a nicely advertised fast food wrapped with fancy terms that sounds like expert, but not really helpful in the actual trading. Similar articles that lure traders to such idea of guaranteed profit, are marketing scheme that brokers have been using traditionally. These methods are not proven nor tested in bigger timeframe and are based on inadequate personal opinions rather than the market practice.

Nevertheless, these types of articles are written everyday as we speak. The reason is that mass traders are easily tempted to easy-win and guaranteed profit. If you are reading this and can confess that you’ve clicked the article because you liked the ‘special’ or ‘secrets’ in the title, you must question yourself. Is it a secret when everybody can freely access to it? The word ‘secret’ has a psychological influence and that is why you must be informed to be mindful.

I too, have fallen for the word ‘secret’ and have lost significant amount of trading asset, which led to account closure. The market changes every second, and you cannot be naïve enough to believe that there is special Forex secret method that can penetrate any sorts of situation at any given timeframe. Rather, you must be equipped with many methodologies that you can make a use of different trends and circumstances.

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