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Private: Do you know when the trend continuation occurs in the Forex chart?


Hidden divergence that indicates the trend continuation signal

Hidden Divergence can be used as a signal for not only the transition of a potential trend, but also the continuation of the trend in the Forex chart.

The price is a higher low(HL), but when the oscillator shows lower low(LL), it is called a Hidden Bullish Divergence

Hidden Bullish Divergence

This phenomenon can be seen in the upward trend.

If the oscillator makes a low point when the price makes a lower low(LL) point, it can be expressed as a hidden Bullish divergence.

Hidden Bearish diversion

If the price makes a Lower High(LH), but an oscillator shows a Higher high(HH), which is usually found in a downward trend.

If you follow a trend, you have to recognize these hidden divergences.

It should be noted that regular diversion signals show the trend transition, and hidden diversion shows the continuation of the trend.

That is, Regular Divergence is the signal of Trend Transition while Hidden Divergence is the signal of Trend Continuation

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