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Private: Do you know when the trend reverse occurs in the Forex chart?


Regular divergence that indicates the trend reverse signal

Regular divergence is a signal of trend reverse in the Forex chart. Regular divergence has both Bullish and Bearish types.

Regular Bullish Divergence

If the price makes a lower lows(LL), but the oscillator makes a higher Lows(HL), it is a regular Bullish Divergence. This usually happens at the end of the downward trend. If the oscillator interferes with the creation of a new low point after the second bottom, this means momentum that the price will rise.

The following is graph which shows a regular Bullish Divergence.

Regular Bearish Divergence

Now, if the price makes a higher high(HH), but the oscillator is lower high(LH), it is a regular Bearish Divergence. These divergences can be found in upward trends, and if the oscillator makes a lower high(LH), after making the second higher high(HH), this can be expected to reverse or decline in price. The oscillator’s signal can be used to create a starting point of momentum by entering a higher high(HH) or lower low(LL)

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