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To avoid margin call, do I need to be a mechanical forex trader?


A number of traders enter a trade position mechanically and exit the same way. Just as the position of the trade you entered ends badly, they blame it on how it was not mechanical enough. Machinery equipment is made to perform at a set motion, and if it malfunctions, that is when it becomes defective.

Advantages of machines over human beings are because of their consistency within the same practice. That’s kind of an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time. Because human’s advantage is that we can be flexible and adapt to things as we experience a new environment. Traders who follow the same plan or strategy in an exact same order every single trade is not a good idea. Sometimes you must know how to improvise and be flexible with your trading.

The market does not move mechanically as if it is programmed. Nobody knows what is going to happen if it is going to go up, down or sideways.

You will not profit from your trades if you approach the market with a mechanical like trading habit because the unpredictable market won’t just work in your favor to your plan every time.

You must think of some precautions before you approach the market. You must know exactly what your objectives are and what you are working with, such as plans and strategies.

If the plan that you initially entered the market with decides to fail, you must be prepared to flex out another plan that you had ready in the first place. As I mentioned above, you must know to improvise.

Trading flexible and learning how to improvise in situations really differentiates you from others. Always, you must understand how the market works and flows. Create a habit of trading with strategies and plans that suits you the best while giving it some room to be flexible and not just following the strategy every time as it is planned to be.

Understand the advantages and disadvantages of your plan. You should know them because if you know your disadvantages, sometimes you might even be able to take advantage of your disadvantages by improvising any unpredictable situations.

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